The Monkey King Sun Wukong has decreed that to become his disciples, the monkeys of Huaguo (the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers) must turn the wild jungle into a kingdom that pleases him. To do so they must tame the mountain by following the Six Principles of Zen; creating streams, ponds and paths through the jungle while collecting and arranging useful features such as fruit trees, bridges, statues and lanterns. Sun Wukong also wants a shrine to be built on top of the mountain and it is up to his disciples to collect the necessary building resources. Some wild monkeys however do not agree with the Monkey King and will patrol the mountain wilds, trying to catch unwary disciples and scare them away with nothing.


Game Mechanisms

Tile laying – puzzle solving – worker placement – resource gathering – set collection


Zen Monkeys game board

Zen Monkeys Wilds Board (Game board)


Gameplay Summary

Collect landscape tiles, features and resources from the mountain forest to create your own domain and score victory points by laying your tiles according to the six principles of Zen (Unity, Strength, Energy, Journeys, Endurance and Enlightenment). Join up paths and streams, place special features like lanterns, bridges, fruit trees and statues to King Monkey. Alternatively, make offerings of fruit to King Monkey or help build his shrine to get ahead of the other disciples. Collecting is risky because the wild guardians will be attracted by the noise of all your busy monkeys. Pay attention to your rivals’ landscaping and collecting plans because in the end, only one disciple will impress Sun Wukong with his understanding of the Zen Principles and win the game!

Zen Monkeys Player board

Zen Monkeys Domain (Player) board



Players score their landscaped domain according to the 6 zen principles, gaining further victory points (VPs) for all the features they have managed to place in their Domain. Players gain additional victory points for the offerings they have made and the number of pieces of shrine they have built. The winning player will be the Monkey King’s favourite; the player who has designed the most interesting domain with the most clever placement of features and pays the most homage to Sun Wukong himself!


Zen Monkeys is currently scheduled for release in Q2 2024.

Zen Monkeys game box