Gladiatores: Blood for Roses Prize Draw


In celebration of the launch of Gladiatores on kickstarter we will be giving away a full CHAMPION (Deluxe) level pledge, worth over £100, to one lucky winner, totally for free! Entering this awesome giveaway is so easy!

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So what’s the prize?


Gladiatores is a rapid-playing immersive battle game for 2-5 players. Each player plays a gladiator school trying to hire the best of eight heroic gladiators for a sequence of arena events. In each event, players then play their chosen gladiator, using a hand of combat ‘move’ cards that simulate the cut and thrust of actual combat using a unique dueling system where cards can be countered only by certain others. This leads to exciting back and forth chains of cards being played – all to impress the crowd and win the wreaths of glory.

Here is a great video showcasing how the game works.

All eight playable gladiators. All but 1 of these are actually historical gladiators.