Gladiatores: Blood for Roses Prize Draw


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So what’s the prize?


Gladiatores is a rapid-playing immersive battle game for 2-5 players. Each player plays a gladiator school trying to hire the best of eight heroic gladiators for a sequence of arena events. In each event, players then play their chosen gladiator, using a hand of combat ‘move’ cards that simulate the cut and thrust of actual combat using a unique dueling system where cards can be countered only by certain others. This leads to exciting back and forth chains of cards being played – all to impress the crowd and win the wreaths of glory.

Here is a great video showcasing how the game works.

All eight playable gladiators. All but 1 of these are actually historical gladiators.

Evolution of a Gladiator

We are always stunned how hugely talented artists are. How they take our vision, a gem of an idea, a nebulous concept and grow it, nurture it. And we get to watch that process unfold, watch it expand into something awesome and easily beyond our original idea.

Here is one example: Our titular Gladiator – synonymous with the modern idea of a fighting warrior and the Herald of our game Gladiatores.

The lovely Ania did a fantastic job with taking our idea of a clearly heroic but un-named gladiator and creating something as imposing as it is stunning.

Believe it or not, this dude was originally modeled from this Conan-like gladiator [at left]

To us, this veteran hero of countless combats has a subliminal but clearly visible level of threat, challenging the player to try their luck against him – to succeed where others have surely failed – to hold aloft the wreath of victory, instead of gasping away their last breath on the hot sand!


For those viewers more historically inclined, this Gladiator was probably originally a Samnite (a warrior of conquered South Italy during the early period of Roman expansion) according to his heavily visored helmet style (or a later Murmillo using the same) but has chosen to swap his large scutum shield and single gladius for a pair of nasty looking extended gladius swords – making him more of a Dimachaerus style of fighter; perhaps from a fallen adversary? Either way, hearts will race and blood will pump when he marches out to the roar of the watching crowd !!