Welcome to BadCat Games Studio

What is Bad Cat Games?

BadCat Games Studio (or simply BCG for short) is a game design and publishing house primarily for ‘physical’ or tabletop card games, boardgames, tile-laying and puzzle games that are geared towards simplicity of play, wide audience appeal, strong thematic content and replayability. We aim for our games to have that instant appeal to young and old alike. Our motto is ‘if kids can get it, then adults should to!’ We try hard to create accessible games that are thematically interesting, highly replayable and with mechanics that are quick to grasp.

Why BadCat then?

It’s a complex story concerning poison dart frogs and a youngster’s early forays into the deadly dungeons below BlueFrog Tavern – which we won’t go into here. Suffice to say that after hunting for a name that wasn’t an App studio or Gaming cafe, the studio cat made the decision for us.

Who are we ?

The BCG team comprises of experienced game designers, artists, sculptors, digital content designers and marketing specialists that together have over 100 years of experience. We also have bi-lingual translators on-site and intend to directly publish our games with multiple language rule sets.

We are Gamers. We love gaming and we’ve watched the development of gaming as a culture and a market sector ever since Donkey Kong was in the playground, Space Invaders could only be played on glass screens in pubs and RPGs required only pencils, paper, some dice and excited imaginations (+ perhaps peace and quiet from confused parents and teachers at break times).

Our Lead Designer JD is a self-admitted gameaholic who cannot help to tweak rules to games, rethink how theme could be adapted or suggest endless house rules. Just don’t ask him a straight Yes or No question! JD also teaches game design and theory to secondary school children on occasion.

Our Lead in-house modeller is a professionally qualified sculptor who can work with anything from putty to concrete (we probably won’t ask him to sculpt 28mm miniatures with the latter though), and is superb at creating quirky characterisations and thinking way out of the box (not sure what box he currently resides in to be honest).

With the rapid recent rise of gaming storming into popular culture and game theory being accepted as a beneficial method of information exchange and learning, there has never been a better time to surf on the tide of interest in gaming and publish games that get people communicating, interacting and learning.

We firmly believe that playing games can be beneficial to both mind and body and everyone should make time to play games. Game on!