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ElemenZ is a quick tactical dice management and duelling game for 2-4 players. It takes ~10 seconds to set up and about 20-40 minutes to play depending on players. Each player chooses an alien shaman from 4 races attuned to one of the four fundamental energies of the cosmos (Air, Earth, Fire and Water). Using a hand of 7 special custom dice, each player attempts to control the wild energy (called ‘Z’ after the life giving 5th planet) better than their opponents. Each player’s dice are used to complete tactical combos with variable effects in order to drain all other players of their dice. The last player with dice remaining in hand is the winner and declared the Master Zee!

Product Description

Boardgame of dice battling alien shamans.

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Manage your elemental forces by controlling your energy dice, summon your totem powers and do battle to prove your mastery of your element and become the Master Zee!

Create powerful combos by rolling and combining the four elements on the dice and use wild energy to boost your chances of success. But take care, your dice are your life! Lose them all and you are out of the game.

This box contains 2 games in one; the 3-4 multiplayer game and a 2 player tug-of-war game using the same game components.

This is the kickstarter exclusive edition of the game (including the special dice and Avatar expansion tiles) and will not be repeated in this form for future retail.

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5 reviews for Elemenz boardgame – Kickstarter (limited) edition

  1. Bahnmor

    It’s quick, fun and everything can change with just one roll. I’d recommend it for any small groups looking for something fast-paced, quick to learn and quick to play.

  2. Meepsanon

    Probably (definitely) better than King of Tokyo!

  3. KicksyWicksy

    The theme is engaging and we very much enjoyed playing this. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an enjoyable entry level to intermediate dice game. Great with children and adults or any combination of both.

  4. Bruviak85

    Fantastic push-your-luck dice game with a Yahtzee/King of Tokyo re-roll mechanic… fantastic game for families!

  5. Grim

    Visually appealing, the thought and flavour that went into the creation of Elemenz is to be commended.
    It has an interesting mechanic (using the prerelease rules) and is relatively easy to get to grips with, after a few games you’ll be rolling like a pro!
    This is good to act as an intro, or at least as a post-intro, game. I expect the finalised product to be excellent looking forward to receiving my copy!

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